Lingerie Care 101


Hand wash


The foolproof way to get the most wear and care out of your lingerie is to hand wash them and it’s probably the oldest method that’s still relevant today because of its efficiency. 


Lingerie Nets


However efficient hand-washing lingerie is, not all of us can afford the time to do that. This is where lingerie nets come into the picture. Theses inexpensive netted bags come in a few different sizes so you have options based on the number and type of lingerie you need to put in it in order to machine wash them and cause minimal damage.


Hook your bras


Be sure to hook your bras when you put them in the wash, to prevent them snagging onto other bras and/or your laundry.


Towel dry


This might not be a practical way to dry all of your lingerie, but for those special pieces that are delicate or of special materials, it helps to lay your underwear flat onto a towel and roll it, and squeeze (not wring) excess water out, followed by laying them flat to sun dry. This keeps the shape intact and dries it gently. 


Read the washing labels


The golden rule in washing is to always check the label on your lingerie to be advised on which washing method is most advisable. Sometimes it only shows small symbols that require decoding, but these symbols can be easily decoded with the help of the Internet. 


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